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Momentum is magic, and today’s increasingly digitalized world demand businesses to move faster and to meet their savvy consumers’ needs. We don’t operate in silos like many larger, slower agencies. Our model is openness and transparency, allowing for true collaboration and fully integrated capabilities.

SpiceTech Integrated Capabilities Windsor, Ontario web design

WordPress Development

A content management system is the key to every website. Many of our clients need a publishing platform to keep their website up-to-date with news articles, daily updates, or blog posts in various media. So, a user-friendly administrative interface from one of the most popular and globally trusted platform, WordPress is unrivaled.

Product Development

As entreprenuers, we love collaborating on new products and technologies. We enjoy every opportunity to invent and innovate. Our approach and energy for each project have earned us great reputation in our community.


Connecting buyers to your products and creating exceptional online shopping experiences is just the beginning. Our team understands that in e-commerce, inventory, logistic, competition, mobile and social strategy all play a key role in maximizing results.

Sales & Marketing Sites

Landing pages are important to highlight your brand or create experiment for your market. It is important to focus on the behaviour of clients, users and customers. We help translate the story of every business from large corporation to small local businesses.

iOS & Android Development

We love mobile devices. Escpecially when we get to design, build and deploy useful apps on to them. Our apps display a spectrum of functionality and usability, and our deep focus on simple user experience have earned us high rankings in app stores.

Online Communities

Social networks and community have grown rapidly in the digital landscape. Our team actively identify and pursues opportunities for our clients and execute meaningful strategies to engage their customers. Our clients can also utilize our social networ platform to develop online communities for their projects.


Promotion is vital to any business strategy. Whether it’s the launch of a new product, service or website. If you’re trying to generate buzz, create traffic or connect to your customers, organizing events need proper planning. Our team is dedicated to make the event memorable and impactful.

Social Media Campaign

We utilize the fastest growing social networks to connect with your customers. As more and more popular brands are discovering the endless possiblities of these channels. From apps on Facebook to social campaigns on Twitter. Whether you’re looking to increase your online presence, looking to build a brand around an application or looking to improve your company’s social identity, our team can help.

Strategic Partnerships

It takes a strong team to conceptualize brilliant ideas. And at times it takes multiple companies to help these ideas reach its full potential. We help clients find and craft compatible alliances to accelerate their businesses from brand development to product design. We build great partnerships.

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