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What da Font?!?

Have you ever received a logo from a client who has given you a jpeg instead of a vector file (i.e. EPS)?  So you go through a whole array of back and forth with your client only to realize that they don’t have the vector format of their logo.  It’s not unusual for a client to misplaced their vector file or unable to recall the font used on their logo.  That’s what our designers are here for!

This happens so often that some brilliant mind has developed a solution for it. The service is WhatTheFont and it’s free!  So here’s how it works. You take a screenshot of one of the words in the logo (make sure it is a clean word with no background vector, etc). Then you go to www.whatthefont.com and follow their simple  instruction.  Viola! It will show you a list of possible font that seem to match.  Isn’t that neat?

One more thing, if WhatTheFont cannot find what you are looking for, you can always sign-up and log into their forum. The font masters there can definitely give you a helping hand.



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