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4 SEO Basics that every business needs to know

4 SEO Basics that every business needs to know

We recently touched briefly on SEO in our recent article Business Blogging Mistakes that you can easily fix!  I just thought of a few more basics that will be essential to your business. These are usually steps that we ask our clients to take before contacting us for SEO. The best part is that it will not cost you a dime. =)

So before you call us and request for a quote to be #1 for that keyword with a billion monthly searches, please make sure that you have already done the following:

1) Create an XML sitemap (sitemap.xml) and submit it to the Search Engines.

  • Search Engines need to crawl and index the pages on your site.  There is no way you can show up in any search results if search engines don’t know that you exist. Remember that.

2) I know Google is the most powerful search engine at the moment but don’t ignore Yahoo/Bing.  Yahoo/Bing gets roughly 30% of all search traffic. I don’t know about you but 30% is significant.

3) Unique page title matters!

  • Page titles help search engines understand the content of the page.  By giving each page a unique title (around 60-70 character max) you are allowing the search engine to gain some insight into the topic of your content. Remember to use keywords that match the keywords in your page content.

4)  Don’t start your SEO effort attempting to rank for the first page for a very high traffic keyword. That will almost always discourage you instantly, especially if you are a new website.  Our suggestion is try to rank on a few relevant but less popular keywords.

  • If your goal is to rank on the first page of Google for the word that generates 1.5 million hits per month, you should strongly accept the fact that it might never happen. The strategy to get the same amount of traffic is to rank for multiple keywords that generate between 10k to 100k monthly searches.



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