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Part 2: Business Blogging Mistakes that you can easily fix!

Part 2: Business Blogging Mistakes

In Part 1 of the article, I talked about a few business blogging mistakes that you should be aware of. In this article, I will shed light on a few more common mistakes for newbie business bloggers.

Ignoring SEO 

Mistake – One of the greatest benefits of business blogging is to earn points for SEO (search engine optimization).  If you are not constantly aware of the various ways to optimize your blog contents for search engines, you are missing out on a lot of potential opportunities for your blog.  If you want your blog to grow organically in the search engine ranking, SEO is a must for your blog.

Fix – The number of terms that a website can rank for is directly related to the size of the website.  The difference between a 50 page website and a 1000+ page site is a blog. That is the reason why blogging is the most essential practice for SEO and organic traffic building. More indexed pages mean more opportunities for keywords  that your website can earn.

Ignoring Social Media

Mistake – Your business blog is now up and running and you are publishing articles on a regular basis.  However, you completely forgot about the power of social media to promote your blog contents and increase readership and subscribers.  As a business owner, you goal is to reach as big of an audience as possible, with close to 1 billion people on social network such as Facebook. You cannot afford to miss these opportunities.

Fix – Spend some time building your reach in social media and promoting your content there. Create a brand presence on the social sites your audience populates, expand your reach, share links to blog content through those channels and make social sharing simple for your readers with a ‘Like’ button to all your articles. Let your reader’s friend’s friend know that your business exists.

Ignoring Lead Generation

Mistake – Does your website or blog have any call-to-action components? Your readers have found your site through search engine, read and liked your content.   Now is the perfect time for you to convert them into customers!  Have some buttons on your site that calls out the action (i.e. ‘Buy Now’, ‘Try it for Free’, ‘Book NOW’, etc).  If your website and contents satisfy what the person is after, they are going to click it. That is what SEO is all about.  The goal is for them to perform an action that will create a lead for your business.

Fix – Put CTAs on the top, sidebar and bottom of your blog. Make sure to monitor those actions and think about revisiting old posts to add those actions if necessary.  The general rule is that if your post is generating traffic, you should probably have some sort of CTAs on it.

Ignoring Blog Analytics

Mistake –  So you are blogging away on a regular basis and it seems like you are getting more leads but how do you know for sure?  How do you know if you blog is successful or if your efforts are paying off?  Analytic can give you valuable insights into the traffic that is generated by your website and blog. It is a great tool to help justify your efforts to your boss, management team or yourself.  By failing to analyze your blog’s effectiveness, you are ignoring valuable information and data that can take your blog and business to the next level in lead generation.

Fix – Pay close attention to analytic so you are always aware of how your blog is performing.  Depending on what your goal is for your website and blog, you may want to focus on different metrics  but here are a few metrics that are typically used in the industry: traffic-driven keywords, monthly unique visitors, comments, page views, leads, conversion rate, subscribers, inbound links, etc.



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