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Part 1: Business Blogging Mistakes that you can easily fix!

Fixing your business blogging mistakes

Creating valuable content is the core of all online marketing and one of the best way to generate a steady flow of content is by publishing a business blog.  Recently HubSpot research shows that companies with blog generates 55% more website vistors, 97% more inbound links and have 434% more indexed pages than companies that don’t. While many businesses are finally starting to realize the power of blogs, that does not mean that they know the right approach.  We’ll try to explain some of the more common mistakes made by business blogger newbies and how to fix them.

Business Blog on its own domain

Mistake – I can understand that trying to keep your business blog at http://blog.yourbusiness.com is a neat organizational approach. However, this is a major mistake since your website will not benefit from any of the good contents created on the blog!  It defeats the whole purpose of creating a blog in the first place. This goes the same for businesses who have their blogs on free blogging platform domain such as Blogger.com, WordPress.com, etc.

Fix – The ideal path for your blog should be http://www.yourbusiness.com/blog. The reason is simple, Google sees each domain as its own entity.  By including your blog inside your main business domain, it allows Google to see your blog contents as part of your main website. Which means the contents you create for the blog will go directly towards your website’s SEO effort.

Overkill with product related contents

Mistake – Take a look at the content you publish on your blog. If it is too focused on your products, services achievements and why you are so awesome, you might want to strongly reconsider.  Publishing such content is fine on a regular basis. However, you want to create thought provoking contents that your readers will return to and comment on.  Interesting articles are important to your business blog because they have a much better chance of attracting readers and gaining social traction. The last thing you want is to get stuck on product-focused or company-centric content that will not generate followers.

Fix – Change the way you think about content for your blog. Consider spending more time on educational, data-driven or thought provoking material related to your industry.

Inconsistent updates

Mistake – Maintaining a blog is a commitment. You will lose your audience if you don’t post on a regular basis. Research shows that the companies benefiting most from business blogging are the ones that blog frequently and consistently.

Fix – Make it a commitment to upkeep your blog. The most common schedule for business blog is weekly, so start brainstorming about at least one blog post per week and work your way up. If time or bandwidth is a major concern or deterrent for you, SpiceTech is always here to help.  =)



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